Saturday, January 28, 2006

All Pink and Twisty

Okay, I told you last week that I was probably forgetting some unfinished objects. I was right! Found this pair of socks in the knitting bag yesterday. All they needed was toe grafting and weaving in the ends. So I decided to quick finish them up. They are the Best Foot Forward socks from the Knit Socks book. I did them in Wildfoote sock yarn in a light pink color. They're definitely pink and twisty. They're just a twisted rib pattern that's easy to memorize.

Here's a little closeup of the pattern.

I need to wash them yet to soften them up. Thanks to a tip from Trek, I made some sock blockers out of wire hangers. My first ones didn't turn out exactly the shape I want, so I'll probably make another pair later. If you want to make some, you can find the tutorial here. Thanks for the tip Trek.

I'm about halfway down the foot of my first Whitby. I really want to get these done this weekend, but my hands are hurting a little bit. I noticed this pattern, with all the switching from knit to purl stitches and the cables, are a little hard on my hands. Maybe I'll have to take a break from them for a while.

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trek said...

Nice socks.

Want to join Sock Team USA for the Knitting Olympics?