Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stash Enabler for a husband

Oh yeah! I have the best hubby. He likes it when I buy yarn. He even took me on a yarn crawl a while back. We wanted to go away for a couple of days and didn't know where to go. I jokingly mentioned yarn shopping and he went for it. So, we drove to Ohio and went to a yarn shop there that was having a big sale. I got a ton of yarn for 1/2 off. Mostly LL Sport, including the cream for my Whitbys. Here's just a little of what I got.

He is such a great guy! Not that I should be encouraged to buy more yarn. However, my stash has definitely not exceeded life expectancy yet, so I could add a little more, right? Right! One of my local yarn stores is having a 25% off sale tomorrow. I think I have to go. (Don't worry though, this one doesn't have the greatest selection. I won't go out of control or anything.)

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