Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Okay, today marks the first day of a whole new set of worries. My beautiful daughter Lauren turns 16 today. Happy Birthday Lauren! I am going with her this afternoon to get her drivers license. Now I will worry about her being out on the road driving (without me to give her any directions). She passed her driving test Sat - boy was I nervous. The parent is required to ride along without giving the kid any advice. That is so hard when you know she is doing something wrong and you can't tell her. Thankfully I could take my knitting along to relieve the stress.

This is a picture of her. Isn't she cute? Sorry, proud mommy moment.

I made a little progress on my 2nd Whitby. I am now on the heel flap. Not sure if I'll have time to finish it today or not.

The Six Sox KAL, and the KOTR KAL are both posting a new pattern tomorrow. Then there's the knitting olympics that I should join. Wow, I will never have enough time to do all of these projects, much less finish up the ones I already have started.


trek said...

Come join Sock Team USA!!

Me said...

Hi Lisa - Shelley here from the CVYarnShop "IT'S ALL ABOUT OPAL" Yahoo Group - your blog is amazing - I just love the colors and photos - everything is so nice here! Happy Birthday to your sweet 16 daughter - she is beautiful .... thanks also, for posting and helping to make 'our' yahoo group friendly and fun....


Marguerite said...

Your daughter is beautiful! Cangratulations to her on turning 16 and getting that driver's license.