Friday, January 27, 2006

Obviously NOT a Knitter

A friend and I were comparing our handknitted socks this morning at church. Another girl chimes in "Why would you ever want to knit socks when you can buy them so cheap?". Um...she is obviously not a knitter! I was patient and didn't say really, I didn't. (even though I really wanted to roll my eyes and say "DUH!").

I got a few more rows done on my Cavern Cardi - only a couple of inches. I about halfway on the heel flap of my Whitbys. They are a really fun knit! I want to get them done so I can knit the Feb sock in the Knitting on the Road KAL.

Hopefully I will be meeting my friend for knitting later this afternoon. Maybe I'll have some good progress pictures tomorrow.

I'll give you a picture of my little dog Brodie just for fun. (ShihTzu/Maltese mix)

Awww......isn't he cute?


RunsWithTrowels said...

what a cutie!
thanks for stopping by my blog.
yes, i am the lanie that stops by fiberlings once every blue moon!
the convo tends to go by so quickly, it takes me some time to recover. =]

trek said...

Why don't you come join us?
Sock Team USA for the Knitting Olympics?