Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A little list

I thought I would make a little list of things that might suffer because you're obsessed with knitting and/or blogging. Here's mine:

  • Housework - ah, what's a little dust
  • Cooking - we don't have to have something special every night
  • Reading - I don't have any good books right now anyway (except those knitting books - do they count?)
  • Shopping - I don't even care if I go to the mall anymore - unless they have yarn there now
  • Phone calls - I hated making those before blogging, but now I'd rather surf other blogs and update my own
  • Errands - Is there a time limit on returns? I hope not at every store. Thankfully I have no returns to do at Target.
  • Getting groceries - I'm not cooking fancy anymore, so who one is starving here

I hate to say it, (head hanging in shame) but I could probably come up with a couple more if I really thought about it. I think I will stop here so I can get some work done (no really, I will).

Feel free to make your own list or steal mine and put it on your own blog.


Joni said...

One for your list: Ever not feel like going to bed *wink* because you were so in the zone with your knitting project? lol

Me said...

HI Lisa - I loved this post you made and the list - I think all of us "knitters" have the same darn list LOL... thanks for posting at my yahoo group (CVYarnShop It's All About Opal) ALSO, your deck in the summer is amazing - I bet you can knit for hours sitting out there!

Country Variety Yarn Shop

JustApril said...

LOL! - sounds familiar =)