Monday, February 06, 2006

And then there were two.....

Yippee, it's a pair! I got the other Whitby done and I think these will be one of my favorites. They are so soft! I used LL Sport with 8 extra stitches added into the pattern. They fit perfectly and I love them!!!! Wanna see?

I think I will definitely make this pattern again. (Excuse the ugly pajama pants in the picture, I was too lazy to shower before taking the pictures.) One of my big toes looks a little wonky in the top picture too, not sure why.


I started on the new pattern for the SixSox KAL. It's called Glad Raggs, and it calls for a ragg or marled yarn. I used some Socka from the stash and it's turning out pretty good. I think the lace would show up better with a lighter yarn but I like these anyway. Plus, I really need a pair of dark brownish colored socks to match a bunch of my clothes. There are optional beads in the pattern, but I chose to leave them out. I have been doing some of my knitting at the hospital (Dad is being moved from CCU to a regular room today), and didn't want to have to bother with beads away from home. Maybe the next time I knit this pattern, I will include the beads. I'm so glad I started another pair. I was right, I am just not a happy knitter without a pair of socks on the needles.

I got another couple of inches done on the sweater, and finished one baby washcloth too. I will try to post some pics of them tomorrow.


Karen said...

The socks came out great! You are going to have some pretty happy feet I bet! :)

mf said...

WOW! Looks great! You sure are quick!