Sunday, February 26, 2006

I've been knitting........I promise!

Knitting update alert! (with progress photos and everything - yay!) Remember how I told you I had started a new sweater and new socks? Here's how far I am:

The socks:

Simple 2x2 ribbed socks
Online Supersocke 100 color # 780

These are turning out so cute! I love them. Probably yet another pair I won't be willing to part with. Like I said, I am umm, let's say, very selfish about my socks. (understatement)

Now the sweater:

Weekend Neck Down Pullover
Knitting Pure and Simple #224
Museum by Artful Yarns red and charcoal (sorry can't find the #'s)

This sweater is a nice change from all the tiny needles I usually use. Size 15. They feel like tree trunks. Wow does a sweater go fast though! I should have this baby done by next week.

I'm also drying a felted hat and felting Lauren's slippers today. I keep forgetting about them. I hope they turn out for her......she's only been asking for them almost every day!

More knitting time this afternoon and tonight after church.....yippee! Tomorrow I'll show you the new pattern I bought for a gorgeous Lopi sweater. I'm hoping my friend Cindy and I will have a little knit-along on this one. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!


Karen said...

Both your projects are looking great! I really like your yarn choices in both of them!

Heather said...

You do gorgeous work! Love the button too!