Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A little froggin......

Yupp, I visited the frog pond. It wasn't too painful. And Socks that Rock yarn looks just as pretty frogged as it does in the hank, in the ball or knitted up. See?

Pretty stuff! Saratoga colorway, really yummy! Believe it or not, I started the Jaywalker pattern with this and ripped it out. It was HUGE! I don't get it. Everyone else complained that this pattern was small and mine was turning out way too big! Maybe I will have to try again on US1 dpns, maybe the Addi 1's were throwing off the gauge. Oh how I wish they made needles in the 2.25mm size instead of the 2.5mm. I love my Addis!

Speaking of my Addis, I just figured out that I have a set of the crappy ones with the stiff cables. The worst part of it is, I can't remember where I bought them. So how do I return them? They are my extra set, which I have barely, if ever, used. I don't know why I didn't notice it before. I guess I always used the other set. They are so terrible. I started the Jaywalkers with them last night and thought "What the heck? Why can't I knit with these things?" I compared the two cables and wow, what a difference! They are so stiff! I think I will ask Sheri (LYS owner) what I should do about them. I think I remember reading that you need to return them through a retailer. Grrr.

Rant over. Now for the good news. Progress on my socks!

YAY! I'm gettin these babies done tonight! Sorry for the blurry pic. I don't have time to take another one right now.

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JustApril said...

My Jaywalkers are a tiny bit big, too, and if the yarn is sproingy at all they grow exponentially. We had to size down the pattern for Mica's a bit. Total stitches of 60 with the K7 sized down to K5 in the pattern repeat. It was big enough for clown feet with the original numbers. =) LOL