Monday, February 27, 2006

Did ya see it?

Did ya see my wonnnnderful new button over there? Go ahead, look. I love it! It is perfect! My new friend Christine from Talullah's World made it for me. Didn't she do a GREAT job? I was so frustrated with being unable to do it myself, and she so kindly offered to help. I don't have Photoshop and I wasn't getting ANYWHERE, other than taking the picture of the yarn in the background. I had an idea of just how I wanted it to look. I told Christine, and she made exactly what I wanted.

Aww, isn't it lovely? And yummy, yarny goodness? Sick, I know. I am in love with my own button. Cut me a little slack though, I'm just so thrilled to have one, and it's so BEAUTIFUL! I'm also excited, because the same wonderful Christine has offered to help me with some other bloggy stuff too. Pretty soon she's going to have me looking like a pro. (you notice I said "looking", right?) Fun! Fun!


knitti-me said...

Looks GREAT! I'm thinking of buying Photoshop and trying my hand at designing my own buttons.

Marguerite said...

Love the button!

With your desire to learn, I'm sure you'll be an html expert in no time.