Thursday, March 02, 2006

Brodie says.........

"Nice sweater. Can I keep it?"

Um, no, I don't think so. That would be one expensive dog bed!

I'm actually farther than this picture shows. The body is almost done, and I have one of the sleeves 2/3 done. I'm doing the sleeves before I finish the body, because I am worried about running out of yarn. I may have to add some red stripes to the sleeves to have enough of the gray. I'll try to have a current picture up tomorrow.


I finished the Online Supersocke Nepal socks. They are super cute! I wonder how often they will actually be in my drawer and not on Alex's feet. (She likes my socks.)

Speaking of Alex, here she is modeling my new felted hat. Trust me, she is much more photogenic than I am.

I like this hat and it matches perfectly with my plaid wool coat from Banana Republic. Now to finish (and start) the cashmere scarf and wool wristwarmers to match. They might be done by next winter.

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knitti-me said...

What is it with pets and WIPs; they love to curl up and have a nap on projects I'm trying to finish up! Not all that fibery goodness is sheepy - no siree - there's a lot of Ally (and the cats) in them thar FOs!

Great hat and socks too. Glad you found your camera.