Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Oh my! Look what happened!

See the problem? Yeah, my brand new Crystal Palace circular broke. It was the first time I used them. Sniff. I need to go to the store to get super glue now. (Note to self: You will never be able to find the thing that you need most in a knitting emergency. Example: super glue.)

Thank goodness I was able to save the socks I was working on when this happened. I tried not to get too upset and quickly transferred it to some spare dpns. Started to knit again and realized that I now hate knitting with dpns. I have lost my touch. Sniff again. All those points are just in my way! Grrr! I used to be a dpn girl, didn't even want to try circulars for a long time. Then one day I met the Magic Loop method on Addi Turbos. It was love at first try. Oh how I miss my circular........

Sidenote: Couldn't we all write to the Addi people and tell them to please make a 2.25mm circular needle? We addicted sock knitters need to take a stand. Seriously, I think I may die if they never make them. I love love love my Addis.


trek said...

I'd contact Crystal Palace straight away - the needle shouldn't have broken like that - and they should replace it.

Christine said...

I agree with Trek. Obviously the needle was defective. I hate when stuff like that happens!