Thursday, March 30, 2006

Cheering me right up....

Last night I worked on some new socks. I knew I needed to get myself out of this sock slump. It was not good for my sanity. I had ripped out yet another pair, yupp that's 5 total, and needed some major cheering up. So I started these:

Basic K3P1 rib in Opal Brasil 5001

Aren't they just the happiest little things? I love the colors. They are so perky! Perky is what I need! I love them. I decided some simple, no-brainer socks were in order. These are working perfectly to cheer me up. Sometime I will get back to the more complicated ones. Maybe Cascading Leaves in STR Falcon's Eye. But maybe not, because the possiblities are endless.

Oh, and isn't that the biggest pile of "yarn barf" you have ever seen. Trust me, I knitted a ton of it already. It was much bigger than that. I had only about an inch or two of these done and hit a snag. I pulled, and out came this huge glob. My daughter couldn't believe that a pile that big came out of the middle of one little skein of yarn. Some people call this "yarn guts" or "yarn vomit". What do you call it?


Anna said...

I have a pair in that colorway & I love it!! It's actually featured in my last post. :)

JennyRaye said...

Have you been to the opalchatters newsletter? Did you know you won some Opal yarn??!?! Excited for you! And a bit jealous. I've never knit with Opal, but I love the socks you're working on. Congrats!

PoMo Golightly said...

I call it yarn innards!