Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A little grumpy....

That's me. I'm a little grumpy. And it is all because of socks. I have ripped out 4, yes 4, socks so far this week. The problems varied from fit, to the pattern not working with the yarn, to gauge problems, to the broken needle. You name it, I screwed it up. Yesterday I was so frustrated, but I did finally manage to at least fix my needle last night. I would have had it glue sooner but couldn't find my superglue. Then I picked some up from a local store and both of the tubes in the package were dried up! Boy was I ticked! So last night I bought a couple more tubes and these were fine. Yay! Fixed needle. I also started some new socks last night. Opal Flamingo in the Broadripple pattern. I think these will be a winner (They better be or my knitting sanity is in jeopardy!)

If you want a good laugh today, go here (play with it for a while, the longer you do it, the more fun it gets) or here (read the March 27 entry). They certainly cheered me up, and I promise I won't be so grumpy tomorrow, really.

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