Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Unforseen circumstances

I'm so sorry! Unforseen (translate rotten) circumstances, have prevented me from showing you a completed sweater. DD #1 (16 yrs. old), crashed her car yesterday. Yeah, not cool at all! She ran a confusing red light (police officer told her it happens all the time there), and hit another car. Totally her fault. Big fat ticket. High insurance here we come! We sure have had enough junk going on around here lately.

The sweater is done, but I'm hoping it's long enough. I'm not very happy with the bottom either. I may take it into my LYS and have them look at it. I still have to weave in some ends too. I've learned my lesson......I'm not promising you a picture tomorrow (even though I probably will have one) because then some other cruddy thing will happen to me and make me a liar again. Sigh.....


Marguerite said...

Sounds like noone was hurt? That's one good thing.

Another good thing, or at least as good as it can get considering we're talking about a wrecked car, is that now she's heard that horrible crunch of metal she is going to be a much more careful driver.

JustApril said...

Car wrecks... YUCK! We had 3 in 12 months once, with our cars - two with us, one when we loaned our car out, which was the serious one. We thought we were gonna lose my sister for a bit b/c she was in and out of a coma all night. =( ick

Question everything with your insurance, tho, they can really mess you up if you don't watch them like crazy.

Hopefully everything goes ok for you though.