Monday, June 19, 2006

Aptly named....

I've decided there was a reason I named my blog A Little Bit of Knit. My subconscious must have known there would be times where that's all the knitting that would be going on......a little bit. This week proves it.

It has been all about soccer, busyness and the heat.

On Saturday Alex and I went to the state championship girls soccer game. Unity, our home team won the championship. We know several girls on the team and it was fun to see them win it. They are undefeated and play a mean game of soccer. It was so hot there though. The temps were in the mid 90's with the sun blazing down on us. I developed quite the headache. Then Saturday night we went to the beach to visit some friends that were camping. Sunday was Father's Day and a family get together. Today was shopping with Alex, (the girl has outgrown EVERYTHING!), and tonight was soccer tryouts from 6-9. Whew....I am tired. Ramble over...but the point is, not much knitting time, or even the desire to, because of the heat.

I did manage to knit another sockie for my keychain, who I have now named Bitsy. Haha, she is so cute. I knit another pink sock because the first one was way too small. This one fits fine.

Those little socks are just way too much fun! I have been sporting around town with Bitsy and she is turning some heads. Nevermind that people are sometimes laughing. Come on, I'm only a little bit sock obsessed. Pics of my new full-sized sock tomorrow.


JeanTownsend said...

The new pink sock is adorable. It fits Bitsy perfectly.

trek said...

So, will Bitsy and Sockie ever meet up for a date? ;o)