Saturday, June 03, 2006


Well once I got going on the Embossed Leaves socks again, I was just flying. Yippee! One done!

I cannot tell you how much I love this pattern with this yarn. Just beautiful!

I can't wait to finish these so I can wear them!

In other flying news, Parker and Steve got to go flying last night. Parker had never been in an airplane before and he was so excited. He called when they landed and had to tell me all about it. Steve's uncle co-owns a plane and took them up. They flew over our house a couple of times. Alex made a HUGE "HI" message with old sheets on our lawn for them to see from the air. I put a smile face on the lawn too. He got a kick out of that. He could see us waving at him from the ground. Pretty cool stuff!

It was a perfect night for it. They had a blast!


aija said...

Great socks! What an exciting plane ride, too! :)

Knitting Rose said...

I LOVE those socks! That is a great pattern and colorway to show it off!

JennyRaye said...

Love the Falcon's Eye knit up at the EL socks! I bet Beryl would be equally lovely. I need to get some STR to make a pair for myself. Already knit 2 pair for other folks, but I just love that pattern. Are you using the lightweight STR? What size needle? Thanks!

Nit One Perl Two said...
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Randi said...

Oh my gosh, I love those socks! If only they sold STR in Europe ;o)