Monday, June 05, 2006

A little bit of everything....

It was a busy weekend. Yesterday Lauren had to sing at a church up north. This was the choir's last performance for the year. I will miss hearing them sing. We had to drive a little over an hour each way. It was a great day. They sang, then we went to a friend's cottage for a few hours. A good time was had by all. (No knitting for me though. I was the driver...sigh.)

Alex is at Cedar Point today for her class trip. She was very excited to go. We were not excited to bring her to school at 4:15 this morning....agh. Isn't school finished yet?

The embossed leaves socks are coming along. I have about 3 inches done on the leg of the 2nd sock. There just wasn't much time for knitting this weekend, thanks to a killer headache on Saturday and yesterday's busyness.

I did manage to finally finish the baby gift. Yeah, we had a little problem. First the hat was too small, so I had to knit another one. Apparently he is not a small baby. Then hubby accidentally spilled coffee on the new one. is drying now. Oh, and I made some booties too.

I was looking through the pictures that Steve took from the air and I could see our message.

If you look really closely in the middle of the picture (click it to make it bigger) you can see the word "HI" and a smiley. Haha Parker loved it.

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aija said...

Coolest HI ever! :) Must have been so thrilling for him.