Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pick just one?

My sister and I were talking about favorite candy bars today, and if we could pick just one, which one would we choose. Oh the horror of that question. Narrow it down to just one? You have got to be kidding me! Impossible!

Do I pick the creamy, chewy, carmelicious Milky Way? Or the gooey Carmello? Or the crispy but chewy Whatchamacalit? Or the more sophisticated Godiva dark chocolate bar? Or one of those imported Swiss chocolate bars? I could go on and on! So many choices. All great in their own way. Can you tell I love candy bars?

Do you know what I finally settled on? No, not a Snickers or a Pay Day bar, or even a Dove. It is the not-so-popular Mallo Cup! Can you believe it? It's not even good chocolate! But I chose it anyway....

I'm telling you, these things are highly under appreciated! They are just wonderful. Simple marshmallowy, chocolatey, coconutty goodness. I especially love them right out of the fridge. I like most candy bars cold, unless they are pure chocolate bars. Those are best at room temperature and just melting in your mouth. Anyone else hungry?

I think this would be a great mini-meme! So what's your favorite candy bar and why? Cold or not? Eaten slowly and savored or snarfed right down?

My stomach is growling.

P.S. Don't get any chocolate on your yarn!

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