Thursday, June 08, 2006


Sorry I have been AWOL. Life keeps getting in the way. It is the last week of school for my kids, and there are lots of activities. Alex had 8th grade graduation last night. It was very nice. One of the favorite teachers is retiring after 41 years, and he gave the speech. It was very good and brought a few people to tears.

She looked really pretty in her dress. Doesn't her little shrug look cute with it? She actually got some compliments on it too! Yay! Gotta love it when other people notice the knitting.

The sock is coming slowly. Gosh, I have to finish these! I think this pair has taken me twice as long as usual.

At least they are past the heel. I wish I had size 6 feet right now haha.

Today is the last day of school. Hopefully this means less running around and more knitting!!

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Catherine Kerth said...

love the shrug and sock! .. people notice knitted items now-a-days. but they always notice my store bought items instead of the ones i make ;) what does that say for my knittng ...he he he