Saturday, July 15, 2006


Well my blogging self esteem is sagging, badly. Here I am apologizing again. I truly am sorry that the blog has been suffering. It is a combination of things really. It is summer for one thing and my schedule is all screwed up. I am not used to having kids home ruining my knitting concentration. Haha, I love my kids, and enjoy having them home, they are just not very good for the knitting. Our family is also going through some very rough times right now. I have mentioned that my aunt has cancer. She is starting to feel a little better after her heart attack scare and her numbers are looking good. However....we also just found out that her son, my cousin, (38 yrs old) has a very large brain tumor. Right now they are not sure what it is, but it is super scary anyway. They are confident that it is operable but will require a long, difficult recovery. We are praying that it is not cancer. There are even more things than this going on, but I won't go on. I don't want to have to rename my blog "A Little Bit of Whine".

The much awaited knitting content...(hehe, yeah right, like anyone was holding their breath for it)

I have been knitting believe it or not. I am still working on the Jaywalkers (although I am hating the yarn and I am not excited about them anymore because of it). I am positive my skein is a 2nd or mill end. There are just way too many frayed spots for it to be first quality. (I won it, so I have no idea for sure.) I have also started a baby sweater for a gift and a pair of cotton socks for my daughter. I hate it that I have no finished objects to prove it.

Maybe I have caught the knitting funk that seems to be spreading around blogland. I sure hope there is a cure! I would even willingly get a shot for it. (you don't even know how much I hate to get shots lol)


JeanTownsend said...

i tell ya i got the cure. go look at my blog. click pic. read it. Hope you feel better!!

Diane said...

Kids are so much easier to love .... when they are at school all day. They count the days until school is out and we mom's count the days until vacation is over.

Catherine Kerth said...

i am so sorry to hear about your cousin... thats the last thing that your family needs right now, epecially your aunt and uncle....i hope the funk cloud rises soon.. i have a feeling once school starts again we parents will be a little saner ;)