Saturday, July 29, 2006

Home again!

Home again! Jiggity Jig! (I hope my kids don't read that! They already think I am such a loser!)

We had a great time camping. I love being at Lake Michigan! The water was really warm and we had a great time swimming and stuff. However, I am really glad to be home and sleeping in a bed without sand in it! I also like my showers with enough water pressure to actually rinse off, and ahhhhh...the peace and quiet of home. I had up to ten teenagers in the camper at once a lot of the time. Let me tell ya, that gets old real quick! Lack of space and too many loud and obnoxious people do not mix! It is not fun stripping naked to change into your suit and just hoping some teenager won't walk in on you. Not fun at all! Or craving a Diet Coke so bad and opening the fridge to find out that those teenagers have finished off all 7 12-packs of your pop! Don't they know how addicted I am? And how crabby I get without it? Apparently not!

I also missed my knitting! I had very little time to knit. Talk about withdrawals! We were always doing something with our group and the knitting just didn't get done. I cannot wait to cast on for a pair of new socks. I wish I could decide on a pattern and yarn though...that is the hard part for me. Any suggestions? Any pattern that you just loved making?

Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you the 2 measly finished objects that I have. Right now I haven't the faintest idea where that camera could be......ahhh the joys of unpacking. Sigh....I hate this part of camping.

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Catherine Kerth said...

so glad that your back! yea!!!! they drank all of your soda! criminals ;)