Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Great news!

First of all, WE HAVE POWER AGAIN! Woo hoo! It finally came on about 12:30am this morning. We sure take things for granted until we don't have them anymore! I am so happy that life can get back to normal now.

Second, my cousin received good results from his body scan. They didn't detect anything suspicious anywhere else in his body. We were praying that this was the case, because it makes it much more likely that his tumor will not be cancerous. His surgery on Friday will still be very delicate and difficult to recover from, so we still need your prayers. I hope the surgeons are able to successfully remove it without damaging any part of his brain. Also, I hope that his brain does okay when it shifts back after removing such a large tumor. So many things can be affected, personality, motor function, speech, memory....yikes, none of which we would want to mess with. Thanks for all your emails, comments and prayers. I really appreciate every one!

I just received the Diamond Fantasy Shawl pattern as a gift from a friend. Wow is it gorgeous! I will be stash diving later to see if I have yarn for it. If you don't see me for a couple of days, will someone please come and pull me out?

Not a ton of knitting progress. Plugging away on Alex's socks (resisting casting on any others), and I restarted the baby sweater. It looks really cute so far. Pics tomorrow I hope!


Catherine Kerth said...

Thats great news! really glad to hear it. i will cont. to pry for him as well.....
that shawl is beautiful!

Ziina said...

Hi!You asked about that shrug on my blog, it´s finnish pattern and it´s not available in english. I found this bolero-pattern in crochet me! and it´s somewhat similar. Maybe you could use that pattern :)