Saturday, July 22, 2006

More great news!

My cousin had his brain surgery yesterday and the Dr. said it went great! It actually only took a couple of hours to get the tumor out and then another 1 1/2 hours to close. The tumor was actually bigger than they thought, more like softball size. HUGE! It was all contained with no "feelers" so they were able to get it all. The Dr. also said he is almost convinced it is not cancer. Needless to say, the family is rejoicing. He was sitting up talking, laughing, and joking with family members when he came out of recovery too. Praise the Lord!

I have a sleeve and a 1/2 to go on the baby sweater and I am about 1/2 way down the foot of Alex's socks. Between family stuff and packing for camping, my knitting time has been quite limited, so I am glad for any progress. I am taking several projects camping with me and hope to get some things done while I am gone.

The sweater and socks.

SOME of the camping projects!

We are going camping for a week. Usually we go for 2 weeks in a row but we decided not to this year. I'm a little bit glad. Sometimes 2 weeks can be a little too long. Plus, we won't be camping over my birthday this year. Believe me this is a good thing. Last year my friends um, "decorated" my trailer in honor of my birthday. It was not pretty!

There's me with my hideous, tacky, worse than a thrift store Christmas decorations all over my trailer. (and that is only part of it!) It took me like an hour to clean it all up. So yippee! I will celebrate my birthday at home this year with no embarassing stuff like this to deal with! Well off I go! We are leaving in a couple of hours. Back in a week! :)


Catherine Kerth said...

hey there! sorry i missed you on yahoo IM! you look cute infront your umm,*cough* decorated trailer ;) you must have some really neat friends to go to that much effort! be safe this week....PS did you get your giftie yet? i think i mailed the wrong thing! ack!!!!

Christine said...

I'm glad that everything looks good for your cousin, I know that must have been quite a scare for your family.

Cute, um, trailer. You're friends must really love you!

trek said...

Yay for the cousin. Can we work out a playdate here? I think I am a little bit tired of Little People - they HURT when you step on them in the semi-darkness with bare feet.