Tuesday, July 18, 2006

No news

So far we haven't found out anything definite about my cousin. He had his body scan yesterday and the tech said she didn't see anything alarming, but we are still waiting for the doctor to confirm that. Keep praying for good news.

My aunts platelets are very low again and we are not sure why. She is also very stressed (no kidding right?), and seems a little confused and not herself. Again, keep praying.

I finished one of Alex's socks. They are super cute and she loves them so far. It shouldn't take me too long to finish the second one.

Happy colors, aren't they?! I think Bitsy might get a sock out of this yarn.

I may rip the baby sweater and start over. I am just not happy with it. Thankfully it is a small project and won't take too long to do over. I might even use a different pattern. I better hurry up though, or the baby will outgrow it before it is finished. I have to get some cleaning done today too, but that will be limited because we are without power. I am currently blogging on generator power. Hopefully full power will be back soon.

Maybe my goal for the day should be to NOT read any blogs. That way I would get a lot more done! :)


JeanTownsend said...

I just love the socks, such bright cheery summer colors. Very sorry to hear that your aunt is not better, and good news I hope about your cousin. Maybe it will start turning around for the better soon!! Now where did I put that cloud silver lining I had? hmmm...

Meilynne said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt - my prayers go out to you. The striped pastel socks are amazing! What yarn is that???

Oh, and please don't stop reading my blog because YOU WON THE GUESSING GAME! Please email me to arrange your prize.

Catherine Kerth said...

hey there! you family is still in my prayers... i hope to hear good news about your cousin. I love the socks, and I avoided the computer today myself after i posted! i mailed your envelope of goodies today too... sorry so late ;)