Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy stuff!

Here are the pics I promised. First the Petticoat socks:

I simply love them!

Second, my BEAUTIFUL gift socks from my friend Ann! What a sweetie she is. She cooked up the surprise with DD Alex. I love them and they fit perfectly! I am choosing to call them my early birthday present.


Hubby and I are off for a two day mini road trip. I smell yarn hehe. He always lets me buy souvenir yarn when we go off on a jaunt. Yippee! I wonder what I will find and where we will end up. Anyhoo, I know it will be fun!

Oh, before I go, have you seen that the new Magknits is up? More temptations! I think at some point I will definitely make this. (probably in pink too hehe, I just can't resist the PINK!)

1 comment:

Maggii said...

I love the ones int he first picture...they are gorgeous...the second ones are really cute too