Monday, July 10, 2006


I had a much better day today. Not a ton of progress to report, but still better. We were having the ducts in our house cleaned today which made it hard to knit. Talk about noisy! I also had my neice over, had to run some errands (including getting new needles for the stole), worked a little more on that laundry pile, and did some much needed cleaning. My aunt was in the hospital again, (they thought she had a mild heart attack) so I was on the phone a lot with family too. I did get a couple of inches done on my jaywalkers though. What an easy pattern! Only a 2 row repeat. Even I can remember 2 rows. I will have some pics tomorrow. My camera batteries are dead...even way dead, but I am charging them right now. I have a finished object and a very special gift I received to show you. Yes, a much better day!


Catherine Kerth said...

i am so sorry to hear about your aunt... glad to hear your knitting grove is getting back to normal ;)

trek said...

Yeah, and the two row repeat is only remembering to do one bit four times and then knit - easy peasy/