Thursday, October 12, 2006

A little bit of randomness....

First of all, Blogger is really pushing my buttons. I tried at least 10 different times to publish today, but no, it wouldn't let me!!!!! Sorry, rant over.

Ok, yeah, random post today. You're gonna get a little bit of everything.

One: I am really excited. I found a gorgeous pair of knee socks on the web last week, but was really bummed because the pattern wasn't in English. I got in touch with the blogger who made them, and yippee yahooie, woo hoo, yee haw and all that, she TRANSLATED it!!!!!!! Go look here, trust me, it's worth it! These are the most gorgeous knee socks I have ever seen. I need to make them! Really... need is the operative word. But first I need to get some yarn. I only have 100gr of all my solids, and the pattern needs more than that. Aw shucks (wink), I guess I need to put in a yarn order. Oh, and I have to figure out how to make toe-up socks.

Two: Fetching!

Yes, like everyone else, I am making Fetching from Knitty. I had to go to a choir concert last night so I took these along. I finished one, and now I need to finish the other one. Maybe I should have made full mittens instead. This is what I woke up to this morning:

Yuppers that is snow. Yikes. I have to sit at a soccer game Saturday. I hope it warms up a little, or maybe a lot! It was freezing here today.

Three: In major random fashion, I received these from my hubby the other day. They were so pretty, I had to share a pic.

Who can resist 2 dozen white roses? Not me.


Diane said...

Love the mitt. Love the roses. What a nice hubby you have.

Hate the snow. None here in CT yet but it's just a matter of time.

Dana said...

Yuck, I have TWO soccer games to go to this weekend (in Michigan too). I'll be a popsicle for sure.

Love Fetching, I'm trying to decide what to make a pair out of. I better hurry, my hands are really cold!

aija said...

The roses are beautiful! Thanks for sharing th elink to those knee highs, they're great! (I was thinking of picking up the rowan 40 just ofr that pattern they're inspired by :))

Karen said...

Beautiful roses. White roses are my favorite flower.

I can see why you want to make those knee socks. They are so pretty!

maryse said...

your mitts look great. that's a beautiful brown.

question though -- did you do the picot edge? i'm not happy with the way mine looks and i'm thinking it could be that i didn't bind off correctly.