Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Super quickie

Yupp, that's all she wrote today, a super quickie. My camera is missing but luckily I took a pic yesterday that I can show you.

Okay, nevermind! Blogger will not let me upload a pic, grrrr!!!!!! (Anyone else have a love/HATE relationship with Blogger?) When it decides to play nice, I will show you my FO! Maybe by then I can find my camera and show you a couple of WIP's too.

Instead I will attempt to distract you with this (woo hoo!) and this (hmmm..interesting), oooh and one more here (might have to look into that one).

P.S. While browsing for neck warmers yesterday, I decided I don't like the word wimple.


Natalie said...

The new Cotton-Ease colors are very "Rowan," don't you think? Probably to compete with their All-Seasons Cotton.

Jenn said...

whooo hoooo! I didn't know it was coming back! And that needle case is kind os cool!

bunchkin said...

Wimple. Ugh. I vote we ban the word. No more wimple allowed!