Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Tagged, sort of.........

Yeah, I've sorta been tagged by Marguerite. She tagged anyone who hasn't done this yet, and I qualify for that.

List 4 jobs you have had in your life:

1. Ice cream shop server
2. Secretary
3. Bank teller
4. Transplanter in a greenhouse
(Not too impressive are they?)

4 Movies you could watch over and over:

1. National Treasure
2. Maid in Manhattan
3. Pretty Woman
4. Freaky Friday (it makes me laugh)
(yupp, I'm sappy)

4 places you have lived:

1. Michigan
2. Michigan
3. Michigan
4. Michigan
(all the places I have lived are within 20 miles of each other, I won't bore you with the details)

4 TV shows you love to watch:

2. All the CSIs (but David Caruso drives me nuts with all that drama)
3. Two and a Half Men (hilarious)
4. ER
(If I had cable this list would be very different)

4 Places you've been on vacation:

1. Most places in the Caribbean (I've been on about 9 cruises)
2. Point Pleasant NJ
3. New York, DC and various other places out east
4. We frequently go wine tasting not far from home, so I've been all over Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Ohio, etc.

4 websites you visit everyday:

1. Stitches of Violet
2. Grumperina
3. My local library site
4. hmm.....can't think of another everyday one - although I do haunt Elann, many other blogs, Yahoo groups, and other yarny sites quite frequently.

4 of your favorite foods:

1. CHOCOLATE (did I say it loud enough?)
2. The Southwest Chicken Panini from my local coffee shop
3. The sourdough bread from Panera
4. Homemade strawberry shortcake with Michigan berries (why did you have to mention that Marguerite, now I will crave it until summer!)

4 places you would rather be right now:

1. Somewhere warm and sunny (Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico.....just not dreary, cold Michigan)
2. In a hot tub with a glass of Riesling
3. Snuggled up with my knitting
4. On a yarn shopping spree

Well, that was fun. (for me at least, I can't speak for all of you) I needed an easy post today. My wonderful father-in-law passed away yesterday, so I don't have the energy for a real post. I have however, finished my first Glad Raggs sock, and have about 2 inches done on the cuff of the second sock. I will try to show them to you tomorrow. I probably won't have much knitting time in the next few days due to funeral stuff. Please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers.


Robbyn said...

You want prayers? I got prayers :) Very sorry to hear about your father-in-law.

I like cruising too but the Caribbean is my least favorite trip. I am SO not a warm weather girl!

Marguerite said...

Sympathy to you and your family.

You may have lived in the same 20 miles your whole life, but you made up for it with some fabulous vacations.