Monday, March 06, 2006


Bummer. Yesterday I was sick all day. I got very little knitting done. I didn't even feel like picking it up, much less trying it on to check the fit. I only got about 2 more inches done on the body of the sweater and one sleeve is almost finished. Stinky progress, eh? I wanted to get it done this weekend, but no such luck! I shouldn't set myself up for this kind of disappointment.

Thanks for the comments guys! I love them! It brightens my day so much when you leave me some. I comment all the time on blogs now, because I know how fun it is to get them on my own blog. So all you lurkers (I know you're out there from my counter), be brave, leave me a few words.

Opinions please........I'm thinking of getting these two books:

Naturally Noro

And Sensational Knitted Socks

What do you think? Would you recommend them or have you made any projects out of them? I'm asking because I don't usually invest in books unless I'm sure I'll love them.

I'll try very hard to have some progress to show you tomorrow.


Karen said...

I have them both and LOVE them both. In my opinion you won't be sorry with either of them.

Peggy said...

I own the Sensational Socks books. Love it and definitely recommend it. I think I saw it on at a good discount. It has several sizes and guages for the patterns.