Monday, May 15, 2006

Dishes anyone?

Who wouldn't want to wash dishes with these?

They are so cute! I can't stop thinking about all the color combos that are possible!

I truly think I have a new obsession! These things are so fun to make. I whipped both of them out in a couple hours of knitting last night.

I was dying to try the Mason Dixon Ballband Dishcloth, but I didn't have the book yet. Someone sent me a link to this one and I think it's the same one. I love it! I think I will give these to my mother-in-law.

(Sorry for the absolutely crud-like pictures. Alex left the camera at my sister's yesterday, so I had to scan the cloths.)

Yeah, I'll be at Walmart or Hobby Lobby today buying lots of cotton!


trek said...

They look great.

trek said...

Yes, yarn will make you feel better - indulge!

aija said...

Very cool! I think I may have to jump onto the warshrag bandwagon soon... :)

sillyewe said...

Oh my God! I Love the top green one. !!!