Monday, May 22, 2006

Relaxing weekend...

YEAH RIGHT! NOT! We had a super busy weekend. Saturday was the church service project until noon, then a soccer game (40 min from our house....lasted about 1 1/4 hrs), then on to a graduation open house. Whew...bed time. Sunday I had to be to church early, then to another open house. Pooped again. Took a major power nap. Trust me, I needed it! Today I am actually awake after that crazy weekend. Amazing!

On to the knitting:
Alex didn't like the little cardi I had started for her....RRIIIIPP.....on to plan B.

I started a new little shrug for her. This is the kind with very minimal sleeves. I am knitting the straight section now, then I will do the ribbing on the other end. To finish I will need to sew up the ribbing section on each end to make sleeves, and hopefully it will fit. Excuse the really bad pic, and I still have to fix that bad stitch in the ribbing. This yarn isn't easy to make perfect stitches with. When I block it I know it will look much better.

I was only able to knit a few rows on the socks at the soccer game. I wish I could have done more but that game was too intense. Alex's team lost for the first time. Bummer. The other team was great. The girls played hard, but it was definitely an "off" day for them. Sorry, got sidetracked again. Back to the socks......

I'm almost to the heel. Hopefully I will have more knitting time this week.

Pssst....don't tell my hubby.....I got more yarn!!


Lindsey said...

Lovely socks! I just started Sheri's Lacy Socks with Koigu. Love that lace!

Tryin_ta_knit said...

what pattern is this .
it's a great sock pattern ??