Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Enough already!

Okay people, I am sick, sick, sick of ugly knitting patterns! I mean, who actually knits this stuff much less wears it. Case in point.

You might say "that's not so bad", but it screams
baby chick to me. Yellow, fuzzy, ewwww....and those sleeves. Come on, admit it, you see the similarities too.

Grandma! I found your lampshade! That girl stole it. She thinks it's a hat!

Yeah, I was driving down the road, and I come upon some roadkill. I say "Hey, that would make a good sweater!"

Okay, now that is scary ugly! I think I might hurl.

I can't wait for the beach this summer.

Cuz I am going to look so totally hot in that!

I give up.


trek said...

EEK on the You Knit What-wear!!

You said you liked the chili pepper fabric - did you want to swap for a sock bag? LMK.

Anonymous said...

LOL...too funny. Are these from Knitter's or what? FUGLY.

Thanks for sharing. I'm cracking up.