Sunday, May 14, 2006

Saratoga X 2

The STR socks in the Saratoga colorway are done. WOOT!

Boy did I have to put myself in an, um, awkward postition to get that 2nd pic. I love these socks! I'm not going to take them off (even though I am wearing a turquoise fleece shirt that clashes horribly). They are just too nice!

I would have had them done sooner, but I've been busy doing this:

We have been putting together the office. We are also moving all of our stuff back where it belongs, now that the carpets are all dry. This cabinet is going to be the most fun to fill. You can see what I'm planning to put in there. Yay! YARN! I can fit lots of it in there! The taller cabinet needs some doors on it yet, but let me tell you, there has been enough assemblage in this house for a few days! Did I tell you how much I HATE assembling anything?! I am just not good at it people!

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Alex, your daughter said...

hey mom! bravo on completing your socks! and i just wanted to tell you that i love you so much! and happy mother's day! i know i can be a pain in the butt sometimes, more like all the time, and i'm sorry. i hope that you have a good time at the party tonight! i love you with alll my heart! <3's Alex