Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Not nearly enough...

That is how much knitting progress I have made. NOT NEARLY ENOUGH! I have managed to do a little bit, among all the appointments I have had lately. Good grief. I am never home! I have been taking my sock with me and it is growing a little.

I am not liking the pooling in the gusset area, but I still haven't mastered the short-row heel thing, so I will have to live with it. I'm still loving the pattern though. I will probably write it up sometime with a couple pattern variations. I have lots of ideas, just no time to get them written down.

The sleeves aren't growing much. I am hoping to get to work on them today or tomorrow.

Oooh, I found a new temptation. I just may have to buy (shhh...I won't say it out loud)..... a crochet book. It is whispering to me..."you have not crocheted lately...come back". We will see if I have the willpower to resist.... but all those beautiful crocheted sweaters......I love them! Blogland has been sporting some cute ones from here:

Like I need any more projects.............


Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! Your socks already look so great, love the yarn you're using!
And good luck with resisting the crochet book - the sweaters inside are so gorgeous that you might end up having no other chance than buying it! :)

Phyllis said...

Just checking out your blog and I have this same book. it has some awesome patterns in it. haven't had a chance to do any but itchting to put something on a pair of hooks.