Friday, August 11, 2006


Sometimes change is a good thing, sometimes not. We all go through phases in life, some are wonderful, some are difficult. People change, and not always in the way we would want them to. Most of the time I just go with the flow. Up and down, down and up. I don't usually mind taking the ride. I see the glass half full most of the time. I am not one that has to be competitive or have the things that everyone else has. I live in an old house, but I don't care. I like my house, I like where it is, I like that it is paid for. I like my life. I have a great husband, 3 wonderful kids, really good friends and a hobby I love.

Lately some of my valleys have been a little too deep for comfort. I am not looking forward to a few of the changes that are coming in my life. But I will keep my chin up and see what happens. I have already learned to see the bright side of some changes.

I don't always like seeing this when I look in the mirror.

(Oops, I guess I need to pluck!)

Yupp, wrinkles baby! But hey, I can live with them. Actually sometimes I kinda like them. To me they mean I have laughed often, lived life, had a lot of beautiful days in the sun. And yes I know that the sun is not good for me. Those age spots are proof of that. But most of that sun damage was already there from my childhood (when we didn't know that playing out in the yard all day without a lick of suncreen was a bad thing). So really, I know it is odd, but I really kinda like my laugh lines.

This not so much:

Shoot, I don't pass the Special K test. That is over an inch! I am not embracing this AT ALL! Not one little bit. I hate it with every fiber of my being. It doesn't even matter to me that 3 lovely children play a part in this. Nope, don't care! It has got to go! I need to get my lazy knitting and blogging addicted butt outside and walk!

But my lazy butt self has been making some knitting progress. Both of the shawls are growing, however both of them are the kind that you increase as you go, so every repeat gets longer. If I get some more knitting done on them today, I will post a progress pic tomorrow sometime. I also started a new pair of socks. (Love socks!) I did have to frog them once due to some unfortunate and ugly pooling issues, but hopefully with a new stitch count they will be fine.

Well I am off to pack for another camping trip. We are leaving this weekend for the beach again. Different campground, but still on Lake Michigan. I love the beach! (Don't worry I will be wearing my sun hat and plenty of sunscreen to avoid further damage! Hehe, we do get smarter as we age too.)


aija said...

Have a great trip! Knitting must burn calories... (that's what I tell myself!) :)

Karen said...

Have fun camping! Aging is not a whole lot of fun....I don't like all the aches and pains along with the wrinkles.

Dana said...

I'm going camping too, to Clear Lake! Enjoy!

Diane said...

I myself don't mind the wrinkles .... after all my eyesight isn't what it use to be and without my glasses on it isn't so bad. LOL.

Have fun camping.

Catherine Kerth said...

i'm sure you've heard this before.... but, you have really pretty eyes!