Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Naughty and nice....what will Santa think?

I have been naughty and nice. I hope I still get gifts this year! Haha I don't even think my husband Santa even knows where I live. Either that or someone steals all my presents every year before I wake up and get to see them.

First the nice (sorta). I finished the first Opal sock.

I am not starting the 2nd one until I can have my mom try this one on. Wow are these buggers snug. She has very small feet, so I hope they fit her. If not, a froggin we will go! These will be my last socks on dpn's too. I tried the octopus again, but I realize I am just a Magic Loop girl.

And the naughty:

Yes, (hanging my head in utter shame) I started something new. But, but, but, I needed a no-brainer knitting project because I can't start that 2nd sock. I HAD to, really! I promise I won't do it again! (yeah right, snort!) It is this simple shawl pattern (I am not going to fringe mine) from Briar Rose Fibers, using this yarn. It is beautiful stuff and the sheen is heavenly! Chris definitely has the gift of color. I met her at the Allegan Fiber Festival last year and saw her again at Convergence a few months ago. She is such a sweetie and has some really gorgeous yarn. I bought sock yarn to match the shawl too, but I won't start those yet. Well I better get knitting or you may never see another FO again!


Karen said...

Pretty sock! Love the Opal!

Good for you starting a new project. Beautiful yarn! If it makes you happy...then it's good. :)

Kathy said...

I really like that sock.

Don't have guilt about casting on something new. That's part of the fun of kniting!

Diane said...

Not a big fan of fringe myself. I don't think the shawl needs it.

trek said...

Thanks for visiting the blog!

Sock looks great. Hope it fits.

Opal said...

shawl knitting is never naughty ;-) congratulations on the finished sock! now start the other before SSS strikes!