Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Green and good

Every afternoon for the last few days I have been going over to my hubby's work and packing green peppers. In the summer he grows acres of green bell peppers and hard winter squash. I love peppers and I even like packing them. Right now we are doing a special kind of box that needs them all lined up nice and a target # of peppers per box. These take longer but they sure look nice!

Ahhh the green goodness! Who knew produce could be so beautiful! I put some in the freezer this afternoon for soups, casseroles and stir-frys. YUMM!!!!!!!!

I wish I would have put a golf ball or something in there so you could see how HUGE these things are! Massive I tell ya!

This is my niece Katie (left) and Alex holding up a couple of them. We women are good packers! (insert muscle flexing and grunting here wink)

Anyhoo.....the packing of peppers every afternoon has seriously cut into my knitting time, but I should have one Opal sock done by tomorrow and I hope to work on the shawl tonight too.


trek said...

Wow - very green and very big!

Diane said...

Love fresh peppers! In fact that's what we had for dinner tonight fresh stuffed peppers.

OOOOoooooo Opal sock. Opal yarn rocks.