Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What do you do?

What do you do when life gets a little stressful (besides eat and drink lots of wine hehe)? When you can't concentrate on much of anything beyond just living? When you can't even knit if it doesn't involve plain stockinette or a pattern you know by heart?

I knit dishcloths.

Yes, dishcloths! Yupp, gobs of them even. I am telling you, they are therapeutic! Really! Row after row of easy peasy knitting. These are just a few of them. I have already given 7 away this week! They are so much fun and everyone loves them. I have been making mostly the ball band from Mason Dixon Knitting and the garterlac (free pattern here). Both are great patterns, but beware, they are also addicting!

I have been organizing a little (you see I have this itty bitty stash problem). I need to do the heel on my sock so I can be zipping right along again. I am still working on both shawls (I am farther on the easy one), and I am looking forward to school starting so I have more knitting time.

Parker helped me wind some yarn. He is so cute when he wants to help.

That is Alex in the background cooling off after some running or soccer or something. She is quite the athletic child, I should take some lessons from her (wink). I need to get rid of a little chub! I did join an online support type group for better bodies. It is a fun group so far. I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but I want to be healthier and stronger. If you want to join in, go here. I'm not talking about how bad I blew it today...move on, just move on. Tomorrow is another day!


Diane said...

What a colorful collection of dishcolths. Great job!

I love that Alex likes to help you out. What a cutie!

trek said...

The dishcloths *are* tremendously seductive.

Catherine Kerth said...

*waving at Alex and Parker* Hi guys! love the dishcloths! very cute and useful! gotta love the useful knitting!

Opal said...

Those dishcloths are gorgeous!