Monday, August 07, 2006

A little lace

Well I have officially gotten myself hooked on lace. I broke down and restarted the Swallowtail Shawl. I love it so far.

Sorry for the wonky pinning job. I can't find my regular pins, and didn't have much time to fiddle with it, so you get this lame-o picture for now. I wish I had more quiet knitting time to work on this. I am not confident enough to knit on it when there is a lot going on around me. Distractions are not good for my lace knitting. (some of you may not have this problem)

I worked on the Opal sock a little bit, but I will show you that when the first sock is done.

Here's a beautiful pic that my daughter took. She loves taking pics and I think she is pretty good at it, even though she is only 14.

Pretty huh?

Happy knitting everyone! Have a great day!


Karen said...

That is a great picture! better than I take! :)

Opal said...

Your shawl is coming out lovely! Be very proud! :-)

JeanTownsend said...

The most beautiful flower picture! Perfect in every way. The combination of the knitted lace and the flower with little water droplets is just charming.