Monday, October 23, 2006

A pair X 2

Yupp we have a pair. Wait make that 2 pairs.

First up, a pair of Fetching fingerless gloves.

I finished these this weekend. I think they turned out nicely. Next time I think I will use a softer yarn. (although to be fair, this one may wash up softer) I added a lot of rows after the cuff, and a few extra on the thumb too. I thought they were just too short before. I'm not quite sure who will claim them, but they will fit me or either of my DDs.

Next pair: SOCKS!!!! My stormy night socks to be exact, from the wonderful yarn I got from Catherine. These are so soft!!!!!!!

I love them with their funky striping that reminds me of lightning on a night sky.

Yupp, I had a productive weekend. I love finished projects! (too bad mine are all small....sigh)

Next time I'll show you the stuff I bought this weekend. (I controlled myself...really.)


Jenn said...

I LOVE the socks!!!!!! Love them!

JennyRaye said...

Your socks are great!!! I love them too.

aija said...

Those lightning socks are GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

Great looking FOs!

Dana said...

Nice job on both! Small FO's are STILL FO's.

Opal said...

I love those Fetching gloves. Congratulations on your FO's :-)